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Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl by New Star Games is a simulation of American football. What will it take for you to win your dream team?

The Tecmo Bowl video game series has an impact on Retro Bowl. Retro Bowl had become Apple's number-one app by late 2021. Retro Goal was launched in June 2021 after the huge success of Retro Bowl.

You are the manager of an NFL team. Expand your roster and fulfill your obligations in terms of press to please your fans. In the game, you can manage an American football club by trading, releasing, or signing players. You can also keep morale high, create player rosters, etc. Retro Bowl uses jerseys that look like the ones worn by real NFL teams. However, since EA is the only owner of the NFL rights for players and teams in this game, Retro Bowl places the city name instead of the team name to avoid any copyright issues. With the aid of free agency, you can reshape and develop your team to suit your needs. Lead your team to victory with a perfect score!

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How To Play

  • Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad
  • Select - LMB
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