Roll Soccer Ball
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Roll Soccer Ball

Roll Soccer Ball

Roll Soccer Ball is an intriguing task for you to take on if you are a lover of the genre of games that include obstacles. Feel the excitement of directing your ball over spikes, avoiding chasms, collecting stars, and scoring goals!

In Roll Soccer Ball, you will see many turf platforms on the screen; drag your mouse left and right to tilt these platforms, which will move the ball in the direction you choose. The level is finished only when the ball enters the net without contacting the spikes or sliding down the cliff. The stars will be dispersed among the platforms. Collect them along the way, and get three stars in each level. As the levels advance, show off your dexterity by guiding the ball through more intricate terrain and obstacles. Aim for the goal and make an awesome shot. You may also purchase additional balls and earn unique abilities to make the game more exciting.

Now is the time to explore the magnificent world of football, enjoy the rich graphics and music, and master the gameplay, which is simple yet challenging. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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