Sports Minibattles
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Sports Minibattles

Sports Minibattles

Sports Minibattles is a great pixel-based sports game. The pixelated giants can participate in many sports, including volleyball, tennis, football, and basketball. This free online sports game will be perfect for you and a friend who wants to have fun playing different forms of sports gaming.

Spin the wheel to choose a sport and get into the game as Roger Federer. Score like Lionel Messi or shoot like LeBron by choosing at random. Keep your game on point and be sure to make each move or score count, as the game's winner will depend on the player who scores five goals in a game. The game's fascinating mechanics and 2D graphics are stunning. You can kick the ball to the target, use your racket to sprint, and push it with your jump. Enjoy Sports Minibattles, a fun and free online game!


  • Four arbitrary sports to engage in: volleyball, tennis, basketball, and soccer
  • Play by yourself or against a buddy.
  • 2D visuals with interesting mechanics
  • Basic controls
  • Unpredictable challenges throughout the game

How To Play

If playing single:

  • Use "ARROW KEYS" and "A"

If playing two players:

  • Player 1: "A, D, W" and "SPACE"
  • Player 2: "ARROW KEYS" and "ENTER"

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