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Street Ball Jam

Street Ball Jam

For the ultimate LeBron James basketball experience, join Street Ball Jam! Use your basketball talents to rack up as many points as possible in this entertaining one-touch game.

The game's easy-to-understand principles make it perfect for kids. Clicking or tapping controls the player's jumps and basket-throwing abilities. The more baskets you make, the more points you'll get. For every perfect toss, you'll get a diamond. Fireballs obtained during combinations increase both your score and the amount of time you have to complete levels. Using these diamonds, you can get more time to complete each level, unlock new features, purchase basketballs, or go to the next location.

Sharpen your abilities through practice. Can you achieve the status of Street Ball Jam MVP and become a legendary player? Find out who came out on top!


  • Several hoops to unlock
  • Vibrant two-dimensional images
  • 2 distinct personas to take on
  • There are six distinct places to open.

How To Play

Shoot - Tap or click with the left mouse button

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