Street Ball Star
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Street Ball Star

Street Ball Star

Street Ball Star takes you into the seedy side of the NBA. You can dominate the court in this retro sports game by making basket after basket. You must earn points, money, and other in-game items to enjoy two challenging and exciting game modes. New players will join the game when you unlock new equipment and courts.

Street Ball Star is a fun game. To shoot the ball into the basket, you simply drag the mouse and release it. Coins are the key to unlocking new stuff as you score baskets. Keep up your score until you have used every court.

Street Ball Star requires a lot of precision and timing. For a consistently good shot, try different angles. Watch the trajectory and experiment to find the best one. To unlock new content and progress in the game, you will need to collect a lot of coins. Are you capable of winning this fun basketball game? Street Ball Star is a fun basketball game that you can play today!


  • Pixel images in a retro manner that makes you feel nostalgic.
  • A gaming system that is point-based and relies on your aim abilities to succeed.
  • A vast gaming universe full of diverse destinations that are just waiting to be discovered.
  • Many mementos, including money and presents improve game experiences.

How To Play

Use your left mouse button.

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