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Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball, a puzzle game based on physics, is played by trying to get the ball into the basket. This multi-leveled game is easy initially, but as the levels become more difficult, your mental strength will be tested to the limit. It's easy to start, but the increasingly difficult levels will test your mental strength.

In Super Hoops Basketball, the main principle is to use your intelligence. Super Hoops Basketball requires players to spin wood hoops to earn points. Once the ball is in the basket, a new level of play begins. Each level introduces new tricks and gadgets, such as automatic sliding platforms and cross-shaped wood platforms. Other features include square or triangular block shapes, hazardous explosives, and even wooden blocks in a triangle shape. You will learn about more and more challenging obstacles. And if you fail the first try, there is always a second chance. What are the chances of winning a star? Super Hoops Basketball is the fastest way to find out!

How To Play

  • Left arrow key — platform rotates from right to left
  • Right arrow key — platform rotates from left to right

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