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Super Sportmatchen Basketball

Super Sportmatchen Basketball

Super Sportmatchen Basketball is a delightful vintage version of the game that supports a maximum of four players. Dunking the ball into the hoop requires you to bypass your opponent's defensive barrier.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the game's mechanics are challenging to master. With a press of the mouse button, you can accelerate your running football player's speed, and releasing the button will allow him to throw the ball. To keep the ball from going too far, you should use a reasonable amount of power. Shooting the ball into the basket as fast as possible is essential if you want to earn points before the contest ends since time is of the essence. Invite your friends to participate in your match. Have fun with the thrill of breaking records and winning a championship trophy! Take part in the Super Sportmatchen Basketball game on our website with greater enjoyment!


  • A ten-sport assortment that is very diverse and imaginative.
  • Participate in a 2 against 2 competition as a team or leave each athlete on their own.
  • Add your results to the online leaderboards so you can brag alongside others from all around the globe.
  • Arrange your competitions by choosing the sports to play in the desired sequence.
  • Many adorable creatures are ready to assist you, whether it's by throwing you a ball, feeding you sweets, or collecting balls.
  • Tak Fujii is very amazing!

How To Play

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Enter to choose the player
  • Space to jump
  • Click the left mouse to gain power and release to throw the ball
  • Click the right mouse to push other players

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