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TapTap Shots

TapTap Shots

Take part in the never-ending sports game Tap Tap Shots. In this game, you must tap the screen to score goals.

Basketball has an eerie way of drawing in spectators and fans of all stripes. Playing it always provides you with exciting and engaging moments. On our website, you'll also discover a captivating game named Tap-Tap Shots, inspired by the sport of basketball.

Everything is so easy to understand. To control the ball's jump, all you have to do is tap, and if you tap in a row, it will jump higher and be unstoppable. Both the location and height of the hoops will vary. Not to mention, time is of the essence.  The game becomes increasingly difficult as you score more shots, forcing you to hone your timing and tap strategy to stay ahead. When shooting the ball toward the baskets, remember to keep your power under control.

In this game, the tapping basketball battle can go on forever. The number of possible scoring baskets is infinite. If you can't hit a game-winning jump shot within the allotted time, the game is over. Act swiftly! Collect as many points as you can.

How To Play

Click the mouse to play.

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