The Linear Basketball
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The Linear Basketball

The Linear Basketball

Drawing and basket scoring are combined in The Linear Basketball game. Players must respond swiftly to create a line before the ball strikes the ground. As you progress, you'll encounter progressively difficult conditions, including an abundance of balls and baskets, along with bombs that you need to steer clear of to avoid damaging your basket. How far can you go?

Start by letting the ball bounce over the hoop and drawing a line to direct it into the basket. It's not only about sketching; it's also about strategy. It will be very useful when you need to toss many balls into the basket at the same time or protect the basket from a bomb that will detonate instantly if it contacts the basket. Because there is no way to fix errors in the game, every stroke you make must be perfect. With only one error, you will lose all of your prior progress and must start over from the beginning. So, before you start sketching, make sure you have a decent approach. Pay attention to the bomb's signals to adjust its trajectory or build a barrier to protect the basket. As the throwing speed rises, the game becomes a more enjoyable challenge that encourages you to continue playing. In The Linear Basketball, how long can you last?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to draw lines to bring the ball into the basket successfully.

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