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Thrill Rush 4

Thrill Rush 4

Who doesn't love roller coasters? We know you do! So, get ready to enjoy Thrill Rush 4. Once you're prepared for the adventure, start the game and dive right into the first level. In this level, you'll find yourself alone on the track, and your objective is to stay on the rails without falling off. Don't forget to collect the money along the way since you can use it to upgrade your vehicle and change your character.

Prepare yourself to face various obstacles such as water slides, perform flips on stunt bikes, and race against your opponents to reach the finish line. Watch out for giant blocks and unexpected gaps that may appear out of nowhere. You'll need to navigate through these obstacles, whether it's day or night. There are a total of 15 levels to complete, and as you progress, they'll become more challenging.

But wait, you won't be alone in the upcoming levels! You'll encounter other characters along the way, and part of completing each level successfully is pushing them down. Keep an eye on your progress at the bottom of the screen and your money at the top. Good luck on your thrilling journey!

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