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In Townscaper, players will have the chance to create a place that looks like it came from their daydream! Craft an island town with romantic buildings, curvy streets, hamlets, extensive canal networks, and so much more! In addition, you can even build your sky town!

Townscaper is the best game for those who want to relax, thanks to its tranquil atmosphere and intuitive gameplay. There is no goal for the game, and you can take your time building the most mesmerizing town ever. Choose the color of your house and create colored blocks of houses. Based on what you build, the algorithm of the game will turn what you have just built into houses, arches, bridges, stairways, or even gardens inside the houses! Make lighthouses, islands floating above the water, and so much more to discover in Townscaper!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to sculpt.

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