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Uphill Rush 10

Uphill Rush 10

Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill in Uphill Rush 10! Jump into your car, select your character, and hit the accelerator. This game is all about going fast, and nothing can hold you back. Speed towards your goal without any hesitation. Feel free to crash into obstacles like tables along the way. 

There are a total of 20 levels waiting for you to conquer, and you have the chance to unlock 39 different vehicles. Each vehicle has unique features, so keep unlocking better cars as you progress. With a whopping 66 different skins, you can customize your ride to your heart's content.

How To Play

Use the up and down arrow keys to control your speed. Use the left and right arrow keys to tilt your vehicle forward or backward. Need an extra boost? Press the space key to activate a speed boost.

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