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Vex 6

Vex 6

This time, in Vex 6, our stickman hero faces 9 new acts filled with challenging levels and tricky traps. Your goal is to navigate through each level while avoiding dangerous spikes, saw blades, and various other obstacles. The objective is simple: reach the endpoint to complete each level. In this game, levels are called "acts," and there are multiple acts for you to conquer. Once you finish an act, you unlock the tough mode, which ramps up the difficulty with additional hazardous obstacles to overcome.

You can run, jump, crouch, and even scale walls. Be cautious as you venture through the game. One wrong move could result in slipping off a platform, crashing into a saw blade, or landing on sharp spikes. When this happens, your character perishes, and you'll need to start the level from the beginning. Remember to activate flagpoles along the way as they act as checkpoints.

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