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World Cup Penalty

World Cup Penalty

Experience the thrill of a penalty shootout battle as you take on the role of a football player in World Cup Penalty, an intense sports video game. After a brief pause, you will have five opportunities to fire, followed by five chances to deflect your opponent's shot. Each match in this game gets progressively harder as the player progresses. If you want to progress to the next round, you have to score more goals in the penalty shootout than your opponents.

To control your goalkeeper's movement, drag the glove to the flash mark. You can start the competition off right by picking your favorite squad to take on the others. Maintain a constant flight of balls by adjusting the angle and force of your shot.

Your ability to deftly block shots and score goals depends on your composure. Fight it out in the World Cup penalty shootout and emerge victorious for every nation!


  • Engage in competition with elite football teams from around the world.
  • Precise gameplay mechanics that foster an immersive experience.
  • An engaging progression system that maintains your interest.
  • An animated presentation of the excitement of a soccer field is displayed on-screen.
  • An intense surge of adrenaline accompanies every successful save and goal scored.

How To Play


  • Click the area where a moving orb is located at the bottom of the display. This influences the direction the ball travels (bottom left at the first meter), the height or depth of your strike (center at the second meter), and the force of your kick (bottom right at the third meter).


  • A fleeting "x" appears within the net to indicate the location of the opponent's shots. When you click in any region of the net, your defender will rush to that location in an attempt to block.

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