3D Basketball
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3D Basketball

3D Basketball

Display your talent by playing 3D Basketball, an arcade basketball game. As many points within the 45-second time limit as possible! Instead of throwing the ball, our 3D Basketball game requires you to swipe the mouse (or your finger) across the display. You can make the ball go through the hoops by using the proper combination of forces and angles. The net is the only thing that matters!

The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. In the time allotted, you must score as many scores as possible. We advise you to be quick. You can swipe furiously if you know how to use the correct speed. Play with as many balls as you wish. When you have a swipe fury, the game adjusts your location relative to the hoops, the foul lines, the 3-point line, etc...

So long as you make sure not to miss one of the three, all colored balls will light up. It's business as usual after that. We were very proud of our achievement in obtaining 414 total points. How far can you go with your basketball skills? Are you able to win the trophy?


  • HTML5 3D Basketball
  • 45-second rounds
  • Highscore ball game
  • Easy swipe controls

How To Play

Click or tap to play.

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