3D Dinosaur Game
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3D Dinosaur Game

3D Dinosaur Game

If you have ever wondered how the iconic T-Rex running game, Chrome Dino, would look in 3D, 3D Dinosaur Game is the one you shouldn’t miss! Take control of the familiar Lonely T-Rex, except that the whole game is rendered in 3D! How far will you be able to advance before crashing into cacti?

3D Dinosaur Game features simple yet highly engaging gameplay, giving tons of fun to players. With extremely simple controls, the game can be enjoyed by people of all ages! However, since the game is rendered in 3D, it may take a bit of time for even veteran Chrome Dino players to find the right timing and make their jump. Keep on moving forward and see if you can achieve the highest score ever with 3D Dinosaur Game!

How To Play

Control the T-Rex with the up and down arrow keys.

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