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Rally Racer

Rally Racer

Rally Racer offers a series of challenging courses to navigate. You'll love the intense, hectic gameplay if you are a racing or drifting fan. You'll be able to put your vehicle through its paces by participating in several races. For each level, a different path has been created. It is important to be the first person at the end of three laps.

To speed up or slow down and to turn left or right, use the arrow keys. If you want to stay clear of some very steep bends, then it's important that you pick up your pace. You may have competitors who are very skilled and will try to run you over. So be cautious. Are you interested in becoming the best driver on the planet? To win the three-lap race, you will have to defeat all of your competitors.


  • Stunning 2D graphics
  • Basic vehicle controls

How To Play

WASD or left click to drive.

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