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Arcade BasketBall

Arcade BasketBall

Arcade Basketball will allow you to showcase your basketball skills in an arcade environment. This thrilling game will have you playing against the clock in a different way than normal basketball. This exciting game requires not just the ability to make baskets but also the precision and accuracy required under time pressure.

You only need laser-like focus and your fingertips to play. Drag and release your screen to help guide the ball. Your throw's force will increase as you increase the time it takes to drag. Your goal is to make as many baskets as possible before the clock runs out.

Due to the limited time, speed and accuracy are both essential. The clock is ticking, and you must shoot all 20 shots before it runs out. If you are rushing, it is possible to miss the target or waste time. Get into a routine with your throws. By swiping the screen in time to the clock, you can increase accuracy and stay on target. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys to control the character's movement
  • Lock cursor: F
  • Unlock cursor: Esc
  • Jump: space bar
  • Shoot: left click
  • Options: O

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