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Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro is a game where you must hit every ball that comes your way to achieve high scores. You can play America's favorite pastime on your mobile device or computer. Baseball Pro will let you show off your hitting skills. Swing the bat like a pro and score runs with precision and timing.

You must click your mouse at the right time to make an effective swing after the pitcher releases the ball. The hardest to score are home runs, which earn the highest points. Baseball Pro's realistic controls and easy-to-use mechanics allow you to aim and time your shots with accuracy. As you progress, you'll be able to play in more exciting venues and face harder pitchers.

The thrilling environment of an actual baseball game is created by stunning visuals, passionate fans, and realistic sound effects. Try your hand at baseball and compete against AI-controlled teams to see which team can score the most home runs and runs. Grab your bat and show off your baseball skills in Baseball Pro. The game's realistic gameplay and compelling rivalries will keep you entertained for many hours. Are you planning on hitting home runs or striking out?


  • Simple Controls
  • Interesting Gameplay
  • Enjoyable Casual Gaming
  • Appeal for All Ages

How To Play

Press the left mouse button or space bar to swing.

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