Basket Champ
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Basket Champ

Basket Champ

Basket Champ allows you to get the ball into the basket with only one flipper! This clicker game asks you to keep shooting the ball to keep it on screen. If this happens, you'll need to restart the level.

In this game, the goalposts may change between stages. Establish the proper throwing angle before putting the ball in the basket. Each throwing angle produces a variable force, causing the ball to bounce higher or lower. The playing grounds will change with each level. It might be a mountaintop, a stadium, or a historic settlement.

Basket Champ, which has gorgeous visuals and joyful music, promises to provide you with a fresh and thrilling online basketball experience. Now concentrate your efforts and get the ball into the hoop!

How To Play

  • LEFT CLICK  to use the flipper.

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