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Basket Champs

Basket Champs

Basket Champs is a free basketball online game where you can defend your nation's honor in a tournament of hoop shooting against other countries. Get ready to play the most important game of your lifetime by putting on your winning uniform. As a member of the team, you can shoot your way to higher ranks. The player with the most points wins. After regulation time, the game will continue with a sudden death round to decide the winner if both teams have tied.

The basket is moving during the game. I almost forgot. The more competition you have, the more likely the basket is to move. Nobody knows how the game will turn out. You should take your time to line up the shot. It could mean the difference between global acclaim and an embarrassing defeat. Each team takes one of the five shots from a different angle. The team with the highest score wins the round. Do you feel the urge to pound on the court constantly? You can find many other fantastic games in our category of basketball games. Take home gold in the FIBA World Basketball Championships by putting on a great show!

How To Play

  • Choose your team.
  • Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
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