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Basket Puzzle!

Basket Puzzle!

Basket Puzzle! is a brand-new puzzle game with a basketball theme. Throw the ball into the net using only your hands. It is important to use the physical characteristics of the game, like walls, pillars, and other obstacles, to direct the ball towards the goal. It does not require speed, arm strength, or agility. There are no opponents who can take away the ball. The grid must be rearranged until the items are all able to fit in their respective cells. Fire away. Faster times earn you more points. Please complete the levels as fast as you can to maximize your coins. You can spend them at the store to buy some cool new skins for your ball. You have to find a way to gain three stars on every level. Now is the time to give it your best shot.

How to play

You need to put the ball in the basket, with the help of objects in a scene. Drag objects to the scene for level completion. Click the Play button to watch your progress.

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