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Basket Random

Basket Random

Basket Random, which is a game that combines basketball and random thought, can be a wonderful option for fans of basketball. Make the most out of your time by trying something new. Basket Random requires you to find a way to get a score using only one keyboard key. These choices are all unique. You're used to the constantly rotating ball, shifting terrain and ever-changing line up of players. You have the upper hand over everyone. Basket Random allows you to compete with a computer opponent or a friend. In the Basket Random mode, the winner of the game is determined by the player who has the highest five-point cumulative score. You can have fun!


  • Basketball players that are unusually bouncy
  • Physics and levels are subject to change at any time.
  • Play the game with a friend.
  • A unique and enjoyable basketball game

How To Play

Single player mode

To control, use the "W" key. The athlete will leap to his feet and make contact with the ball. Now, attempt to maintain control so that you may appropriately place the ball in the basket.

Two players mode

  • Player 1: Use the “W” key to control
  • Player 2: Use the “Up arrow” key to control
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