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Basketball Jam Shots

Basketball Jam Shots

You can feel like you're shooting a basketball into the hoop with Basketball Jam Shots. Basketball greats from around the globe got together to show off their skills. Move the cursor with the mouse to adjust the shot's trajectory. Tap to fire. Hit the ball as quickly as you can to unlock additional levels! In addition to being one of the best players, we have full faith in your ability to put the ball in the basket. In the process of competing with them and beginning at a new level, you will have the opportunity to unlock additional trophies. Backyards, professional fields, or even a derelict building on fire are just a few of the unusual locations used for each tournament. An increasingly cunning foe awaits you as you go through the levels! Step up and show off your abilities!

How To Play

Use the mouse to set your trajectory and click to shoot the ball.

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