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Basketball Kings 2024

Basketball Kings 2024

Basketball Kings 2024 is a fast-paced basketball game that will put you on the path to becoming a professional basketball player. In this game, your goal is to put as many balls in the basket as possible before time runs out. 

During a round of play, there will be numerous shots into the basket. There will be a time limit for each pitch. As you progress through the game, the time period will shorten. This increases the game's difficulty. It is important to note that if time runs out and you have not yet put the ball in the basket, the game will end. To put the ball into the basket as accurately and quickly as possible, you must continuously click on the screen and time each click.

Each time you throw the ball into the basket, you will receive one point. Each time you surpass the previous high score, you will be able to unlock more balls and new playing fields in the main screen menu.

Basketball Kings 2024, with its emphasis on skill and high-quality graphics, will appeal to even the most discerning players. If you love basketball, don't miss out on this exciting match! Challenge your friends, show off your skills, and prove you're a true NBA legend!


  • Play quickly and make use of each second! If you successfully make the basket with the ball in the air just before the time limit expires, it will continue to spin in slow motion, which will prolong the round.
  • It is possible for the ball to bounce through the ring from below as well as pass through the basket from above.
  • Yellow icons indicate how to throw in order to earn additional points. For instance, to earn a bonus, avoid touching the rim when throwing or bouncing the ball off the board.
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