Basketball Slam Dunk
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Basketball Slam Dunk

Basketball Slam Dunk

Basketball Slam Dunk is an awesome old-school 2-player basketball game. All it does is provide you with a fantastic B-ball experience; it's a fantastic 2D game with pixel graphics. In the game's 2-player mode, you and your friends can engage in friendly competition if you're in the mood for it. On the other hand, you could compete with others to see how good you are. 

Regardless of your level of basketball or sports fandom, you can enjoy this game. Every kind of player can find their perfect fit! 

After a few seconds of getting the hang of Basketball Slam Dunk's basic controls, you'll be tearing up the court like a pro. Dunk the ball and score by controlling your basketball player's arm and jumping from side to side. Keep moving forward to outpace your opponents, as the first player to score three points wins the match. Enjoy the roars and claps as you dominate the court in Basketball Slam Dunk, our newest basketball game!


  • Enjoy a physics-based basketball game with straightforward yet captivating graphics that was influenced by Dunkers.
  • Get lost in the ambiance of a bustling basketball court with entertaining sounds and thrilling gameplay.
  • The game is a pixel-based, two-dimensional basketball game.

How To Play

Player 1 Controls

  • W - Throw Ball
  • A - Move Left
  • D - Move Right

Player 2 Controls

  • Up Arrow - Throw Ball
  • Left Arrow - Move Left
  • Left Right Arrow - Move Right

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