Basketball Master 2
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Basketball Master 2

Basketball Master 2

Basketball Master 2 challenges you to use your brains and the skill of throwing the ball into the basket to shoot the hoops in each of the game's levels. To hit the basketball hoop without crashing into any of the numerous obstacles, aim and throw the ball in the most efficient way possible.

Is basketball a sport that you enjoy? How confident are you in your dunking skills? To throw the ball into the hoop, you must first determine how far away it is. For some sick dunks, use the ball line to your advantage. To find the hoop's finish line, swipe left or right. You can play the game solo or with a friend in two different modes. You can play through the game's many levels in single-player mode, each of which requires you to collect a single point to progress. Be wary of the defense circle, though, because it will block your goals. You and a friend can enjoy the game in two-player mode. In a specific sequence, each player will fire a weapon. The total number of points will determine the winner. The goal is to gather all three stars in a single throw, one for each level. There are 40 progressively challenging levels to play through a solo in Basketball Master 2, and if you want to take on a friend, you can do it in the game's bonus two-player mode. As you progress through the game, increasing the force of your throws will enable you to overcome solid obstacles and aim over both stationary and moving defensive players.

You can now play the game on our website. This means you're free to play whenever you like. Playing as a basketball player eliminates any character. Jump into Basketball Master 2 right now!


  • Straightforward gameplay and control
  • Single-player and two-player modes
  • Amusing and thrilling game

How To Play

Swipe the mouse to estimate and release to throw the ball

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