Street Dunk
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Street Dunk

Street Dunk

Getting the ball to the basket in Street Dunk, a basic but incredibly addictive basketball shooting game, requires you to overcome a variety of obstacles. In this physics-based game, what is your expected number of shots?

In this extremely difficult basketball game, you'll have to deal with other players, crates, and extra obstacles. The dotted line enables you to aim. Sometimes there won't be many or any obstacles at all, but other times you'll have to dodge jumping enemies, metal beams in the air, bouncing balls, and a whole lot more to score. Plus, is there anything else? On occasion, the hoop will rise and fall!

In this high-octane sports game, you'll have to overcome several obstacles—but you won't be dunkin' the ball. Try your hand at shooting hoops, but be careful! It has a high score mode, where you can smash your dunking records, and a training mode, where you can hone your skills. Because of your exceptional talent, dedication, and hard work, you should strive to improve your abilities through training. Best of luck!


  • Animated 2D graphics
  • Multiple levels to finish
  • Basic controls
  • Relaxed gameplay featuring entertaining content

How To Play

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.

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