Basketball Shooter
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Basketball Shooter

Basketball Shooter

Basketball Shooter, a simple physics-based game with a pleasant feel, revolves around precise shooting. You must try to collect as many stars as possible while you score one ball after another. Pass the defenses on the other team and then shoot the ball so that it falls into the net. Perform swishes to unlock hot-flame mode. This will double the score for each game. Score the most points possible while unlocking star-adorned balls.

Grab the star and drop it into the basket by clicking on it, then let it fly through the sky. It's only one shot, so be careful. You will lose the game if you do not make a basket. As you play the game, try to earn as many as possible. Feeling ready to embark on this adventure? Best of luck to you!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button to throw the ball.

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