Basketball Shooting
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Basketball Shooting

Basketball Shooting

Basketball Shooting is an enjoyable, easy-to-learn physics-based game. It focuses on precise shooting. Launch the ball towards the basket. In the event that you miss a shot, you are eliminated. You must try to collect as many stars as possible while you score the balls. Swishes can be activated in the scorching fire mode for double points on every ball. Score the highest possible score while unlocking stars for your new balls.

By clicking and dragging your ball to the basket, you can send the star soaring in the air. Aim carefully, as you only get one shot to make it right. You will lose the game if you do not make a basket. The difficulty of this entertaining basketball shooting game increases as you make more baskets. This exciting journey is something that you are prepared for. Test your skills by playing Basketball Shooting now!

How To Play

Click or tap and drag to aim and shoot

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