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Basketball Smash

Basketball Smash

Basketball Smash is a fun arcade game with a style based on street basketball. In order to increase your score and get combinations, you must land flawless dunks. You have less and less time before you are penalized for a bad dunk. In this simple game, you have to find all of the balls. Do you think that you can handle the challenge?

Basketball Smash will be easy for you to pick up. Your player will hold and jump with the basketball as they effortlessly time their shot. For every successful dunk, the countdown advances by one second. You can get more balls as you score higher.

Basketball Smash has a high level of difficulty where timing is critical. Clicking the mouse will make the ball jump up. Pushing it up to the height you want may require several pushes. To hit your target, you must act when the time is right and trust your gut instinct. It is better to be steady than to take chances. Each successful shot will add time. When you unlock more balls, some of them may also have special properties to improve your gameplay. Now is the time to challenge yourself and test your ability to score points!

How To Play

Click or tap to dunk the ball.

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