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Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball, a sports game with a mix of platforming and riddles, is fun. To hit basketballs, players must guide their avatars through obstacles and hoops. A secondary objective is unlocking more fantasy creatures and characters. In addition, you can choose between eighteen fantasy characters and animals.

A frog and other creatures, like gnomes and bears, are among the characters. The other characters are frogs as well as other creatures such as gnomes or bears.

Although it may seem like a tribute to old basketball games to you, this game is far more complicated than your imagination would suggest. It is not possible to tell the avatars how to leap and run. Instead, a ball is launched into the air, and an avatar is guided to teleport where it is. After that, the ball will slingshot until the basket is created. Run over obstacles such as ducks, crabs or palm trees.

Blumgiball doesn't demand exact precision. Slam Dunk will be activated immediately if you can direct the avatar or ball in the correct direction. The treasure boxes can be opened in different ways to reveal more characters. Use the points earned as you move through the levels to unlock new characters. The levels of Blumgi Ball are vibrant and full of surprises that you will love exploring!


  • Blumgi Ball, an innovative sports game that guarantees limitless hours of amusement, encompasses the optimal union of puzzle and platform gameplay.
  • Appreciate the slingshot system's intuitive design, which empowers players to modify the trajectory and force of their projectiles with ease.
  • Establishing a personal objective of completing baskets with the minimum number of shots required will encourage meticulous preparation and precise execution.
  • Solve puzzles and navigate dynamic environments to design engaging and entertaining basket levels.
  • Play Blumgi Ball on the web for free using modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and others.

How To Play

  • You pull the indicator to change the throwing intensity and then release it to throw while using a slingshot mechanism to get the ball past the net.
  • To aim and fire, use the left mouse button to click, drag, and release.
  • To get to a ball, use the space bar.

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