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9 Ball Pro

9 Ball Pro

9 Ball Pro is a version of pool where you have to keep the 9 ball for the very last round. The goal is to always pocket the ball with the lowest number. You'll be successful if you breathe deeply, are patient, and follow the simple guidelines.

It is the aim of the game to drop the nine ball in the pocket that was previously specified. The only requirement for this game is that the ball with the lowest number has to be touched first. The balls do not have to be deposited in order. It is possible to play against computer opponents or local players. Were you not able to hear how easy it was? Focus on the fact that looks can be deceiving. Get ready for a great time and focus your attention on your aim. Prepare yourself for the billiards game!

How To Play

Player 1 and Player 2 use the controls below in turn:

  • Aim: "MOUSE"
  • Hit: "LEFT-CLICK" (Drag mouse back/forward to set the hit speed)

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