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Bounce Dunk

Bounce Dunk

Arcade fans will love Bounce Dunk, a game in which players take control of a basketball and dunk thugs as they make their way through a bustling metropolis.

Simply drag the mouse to guide the basketball to its destination. For the best possible dunk, let it bounce its way through the level. In each round of this game, you will receive fourteen basketballs. To raise your score, collect the stars that will appear periodically. Before you decide to shoot and put the ball in the basket, it won't show up. Accurately aiming and estimating the ball's trajectory and falling direction are crucial for making a successful basketshot. To improve your score, remember to gather stars! The opportunity will disappear as soon as the green bar at the top of the screen runs out, so move swiftly and aim carefully. Would you like to take on this challenge?

How To Play

  • Click and drag to shoot

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