Bouncy Ragdoll Basketball
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Bouncy Ragdoll Basketball

Bouncy Ragdoll Basketball

A delightful, retro-style 2D-pixel art game full of energy and competitive spirit, Bouncy Basketball embodies the essence of basketball. Created with a healthy dose of healthy competition in mind, the game provides players with an exciting and entertaining basketball experience, whether they're playing against a computer-controlled opponent or their friends on the same device. With the ability to get into short matches or go to playoff games, the game becomes even more immersive, providing players of all skill levels with both easy enjoyment and more challenging challenges. Bouncy Basketball recreates the excitement of the sport in a throwback environment with its physics-based gameplay and easy one-button control system.

An exciting and entertaining 2D-pixel art basketball game, Bouncy Ragdoll Basketball is sure to please any player. Despite its simple one-button control system, the game provides a deep and engaging basketball experience thanks to its physics-based gameplay. Bouncy Basketball is a fun and exciting game for people of all abilities, whether they play alone or with others. Why do you hesitate? Give it a go right now!

How To Play

  • Jump / Grab ball – space or D
  • Shoot – release space or D
  • 2 player controls – D and J

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