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Ragdoll Mega Dunk

Ragdoll Mega Dunk

Ragdoll Mega Dunk is an exciting basketball simulation game that will engross you in its world. Before you can even think about flying to the top of the basket, you have to put the ball in!

In Ragdoll Mega Dunk, guiding your character into the hoop is all it takes to win. By shooting the ball into the hoop and then following it, you can elevate your player. If you want to show off your contortion abilities, twist the ball as hard as you can until it goes through the hoops. You can unlock more ragdolls as you earn coins. A more desirable gift will be yours if your score is greater. Ragdoll Mega Dunk is an amazing indoor basketball game that allows you to soar through the air while combining skill and fun. Using it, you can ascend from the earth to the clouds.

Now there is no wait! Indulge in some exciting basketball action with Ragdoll Mega Dunk, available to play on your personal computer!

How To Play

Aim where you want the ragdoll to go starting and keep adjusting mid-flight to get the ragdoll in the basket.

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