Devil Dash
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Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Devil Dash's appeal stems from its element of surprise! In this game, the cube person will embark on a risky and strange quest to explore the terrible realm. Now it's time to avoid the traps and make it to the last door! In Devil Dash, how many levels can you complete?

This game is characterized by basic controls. It's not just a stroll around; it's a true test of reflexes! I am sure you will scream more than once. Please be patient. Your goal, as previously stated, is to simply reach the door at the end of the level. What distinguishes this game from others is that holes arise out of nowhere, spikes move unpredictably, and the roof may collapse on your head at any point. As you go, stages will present new problems that you must swiftly adapt to solve.

Devil Dash will test your endurance to the limit. Take a deep breath and calmly face the obstacles that await you. You can join and pass 80 challenging levels first. Do you think you're up to the mission?

How To Play

  • To travel about, use the WASD or arrow keys!
  • To leap, press Space!

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