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Disc Space

Disc Space

Disc Space is an online Ultimate Frisbee game with stunning 3D visuals that supports multiplayer play. On our website, you and your friends may play this game for free.

Enjoy a variety of game options, such as 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5, competing against AI or random people from across the globe. To begin, choose your username, then select a game mode, then an area, then build a server, and finally, begin playing. There are three sections on the screen that you will notice. Always keep in mind that the spot where you are standing is your team's end zone, and you must do everything in your power to prevent the other team from reaching there. You must transfer the disc to your teammate in the middle of the field since you cannot sprint with it in your hand. The goal is to move the disc closer to the other team's endzone so you can catch it and gain points.

To send a disc, keep the Q/E button down, turn the camera to choose the receiver, and then let go to throw the disc. Make a great throw while avoiding the other team's blocks. A lightning-shaped energy bar representing your 'Sramina' stat will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Make sure to monitor it closely. Running quickly and leaping often during a match will deplete your 'Sramina'. A star will fly over your head to indicate that your 'Sramina' supply is becoming low.

Use the in-game clothing and hairdo options to create a unique look. Disc Space guarantees a fresh gaming experience with its electrifying soundtrack and engaging multiplayer elements. Try your hand at our Disc Space game and see if you can rack up the points before the clock runs out!


  • Play the Ultimate Frisbee game in 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5.
  • Play against or with "Computer AI"; you may also play with your friends or make new ones.
  • Choose a specialty based on your preferred style of play: D-Machine, Handler, Cutter, Cannon, or Novice

How To Play

  • WASD to Move
  • Space to Jump
  • Shift to Sprint
  • Left/right mouse (or Q/E) button to adjust the curve
  • Esc to open character menu
  • F to play Ultimate Frisbee
  • Z/X to open emoji menu
  • Enter to open chat menu

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