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Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is one of the most popular 3D racing video games. You'll earn points as you drift different cars. Unity is the engine that drives this game. In thrill drifting, race high-performance vehicles on exciting circuits. Unity's engine allows for a 3D world with realistic physics and fluid frame rates. The AE86 Corolla is a legendary model in the Toyota lineup. While you learn to drift, choose between the RWB 911 and the Nissan S13 2015. Mustang. You can fine-tune the performance of your car and its appearance. Choose from 5 different tuning modes.

Basic mechanics are used in the game. The space bar and the arrow keys control vehicle movement. Press C to change perspectives. CTRL, left shift and the upshift and downshift keys are used for shifting. Handbrake may not work in this game. A remarkable drift can be achieved by simply directing the steering. Drift Hunters is a great game for anyone who enjoys drifting and Japanese sports cars.


  • Over twenty-five incredible drift vehicles.
  • Personalize your vehicle. It is possible to apply any color to a vehicle using four distinct varieties of paint. Replace or repaint the rims. It is repositionable.
  • Maximize the utility of your vehicle by enhancing its efficacy.
  • In-depth automobile customization.
  • Realistic physics of displacement.
  • If you are enthusiastic about drift culture and JDM, then drift hunters is the location for you.
  • Fund your account by accumulating drift points.

How To Play

  • UP: Gas
  • DOWN: Brake
  • LEFT: Steer left
  • RIGHT: Steer right
  • SPACEBAR: Hand brake
  • C: Change camera
  • LEFT SHIFT: Shift up gear
  • LEFT CTRL: Shift down gear

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