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Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Eggy Car's goal is to transport an egg safely to the top of steeper slopes. You must drive carefully to get your egg and car as far as possible up the steep hills. Your job is to drive slowly so as not to crack any of the eggs. You must drive uphill while keeping a safe speed and distance to prevent losing an egg. While you are on the move, collect coins that will help you progress. Remember that as the egg moves further, you need to be more calm and relaxed. In Eggy Car, you're competing in an intense, high-speed race. Keep calm, and don't rush. This will keep the egg intact for longer. This game has been designed with some convenient and enjoyable elements to make your playing time as stress-free and fun as possible. Enjoy the fun!

How to play

  • Use your keyboard arrows, the right arrow to accelerate and the left arrow to brake.
  • you can also play on your mobile phone by pressing the gas pedal (right) or brake pedal (left).

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