Exhibit Of Sorrows
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Exhibit Of Sorrows

Exhibit Of Sorrows

In Exhibit Of Sorrows, players are tasked with visiting an exhibition that displays the happy faces of clowns. At least, that’s what it appears to be at first, but as you continue to explore this place, strange phenomena begin to happen. Follow the instructions carefully and see if you can get out of this place!

Exhibit Of Sorrows is a short horror-adventure game that only requires a mouse to play. The game begins with a fairly normal exhibition with clowns as its main theme, and you can interact with them as well. Players can make them reach the button or do other similar and harmless actions. However, this changes when you come into contact with a noticeably more sinister clown. Do you have what it takes to progress through the game and see the ending in Exhibit Of Sorrows?

How To Play

Left-click to interact with the game.

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