Fierce Shot
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Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot

With Fierce Shot, a soccer game that provides you the opportunity to test your brain prowess, drawing and strategy are at the core of the game. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities by conquering every challenge in the Continental and International Cups.

A career at the highest level of soccer? How about that? Step onto the grass and feel the energy of tens of thousands of other spectators at a major tournament. Simply direct the ball in the desired direction and release your grip to execute a kick. Continuously hone your abilities in the game's training mode to become a better shooter with stronger and more accurate shots every day. There's zero delay; launch Fierce Shot without delay. You should jump on this opportunity to celebrate your success as soon as possible. You should be aware that there will be numerous other individuals vying for the same destination as you. Make full use of your soccer abilities to eliminate your opponents. You are the master of your destiny!

How To Play

  • To play, use the mouse. To indicate the direction and speed of your shot, tap and swipe a line.
  • You can accomplish this on touchscreen devices by swiping in the direction of the target, like a tablet or smartphone.

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