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Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2, the much-anticipated sequel to Flappy Bird, has arrived. This section has the same mission as the last section. The same bird management is required to safely fly over obstacles such as the orange chimney and reach the finish. The game's visuals are still unique. Your bird is now black, while the once-blue chimneys have turned orange. Pipes were allowed to move freely while the screen continued spinning. Experience the best experience with more vivid sound and sharper graphics.

Keep a keen eye on your bird to ensure that you achieve the maximum distance. You must never lose track of the fact that the bird is going to crash into the ground and any obstacles in its way if your mind wanders. Keep the bird in your hands! You'll also need money in the game, or points, to purchase additional birds. First, you need 10 points. The second, 25, 45, etc. If you like this game, check out some of our other exciting games! Is it possible to set a record with the new version?

How To Play

  • Start by using the spacebar on your keyboard or clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • To test how far you can fly the bird without hitting a pipe, try it out.

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