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Flappy Soccer Ball

Flappy Soccer Ball

Flappy Football Ball, a mashup between Flappy Bird and football, is available. You must guide the soccer ball on a pre-determined aerial path while staying away from hazards.

Learning the controls takes some practice, no matter how basic they may be. Use a mouse to move the soccer ball. It is important to avoid any obstacles and keep the ball airborne. Your score will increase as you move along the course, adding a competitive element.

Flappy Soccer Ball's success depends on perfect timing. Keep calm. Moving at a slow pace may prove more beneficial than clicking or pressing quickly. It is important to understand the mechanics behind how a ball will fly and to try not to get stuck between any objects. What is your score, and how far can the ball go? Now is the time to join this game and test your limits! Best of luck to you!

How To Play

Use the mouse to move the ball up and down.

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