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Flick Superhero

Flick Superhero

You can play Flick Superhero for free in our Basketball Games section. This game is a new experience that will test you in an entirely different way. This basketball game is not available in a normal arena. In this level, you must fire superhero balls at the goal. The ultimate goal is to accumulate an unbeatable score. Do not think that this task will be easy. To complete the task, the player will have to be agile. Your best score is about to be exceeded.

Flick Superhero allows you to control your superhero's ball trajectory toward the basket using either a mouse (on touchscreen devices) or a finger. To fire accurately, you must control the direction of your flick and its strength. As you progress, more difficult levels will become available. This forces you to improve your flicking skills.

Accuracy is the most important factor in Flick Superhero. You can miss the basket if you are too strong, or you could be too weak. Aiming better will help you get more out of your shots. Also, pay attention to the pattern of the shifting basket; it might be the deciding factor in making those difficult shots!

How To Play

Play is done with a mouse.

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