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Football Flick

Football Flick

Football Flick is one of today's most popular sports games. You'll first need to choose your nation when you begin the game. There are 12 different nations to choose from, including Brazil. France and Spain. Great Britain and beyond. Be prepared for a unique football experience!

You can use the mouse or touch screen to control your football player in Football Flick. Touch or press the touch screen, and aim precisely before firing. You must rack up more than the opponent in the given time to win. The only way to win is by beating every opponent.

It's all about the timing in Football Flick. You should aim for corners, as goalkeepers will have a harder time stopping such shots. Be aware of your opponent's movements, and only strike at the appropriate time. A little practice can go a long way. Easy to learn and simple for everyone. You can win the championship to prove yourself. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

How To Play

Use the mouse.

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