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4.5 is a free online game that's easy to pick up and play and is a lot of fun. Players must attempt to avoid hitting any of the white balls while also attempting to collect every yellow ball in order to win. This situation requires quick action! It's not worth wasting time! Before the opposing team can catch up with you, there is very limited time for you to sprint in the opposite direction of the ball. This will allow you to sprint towards the end zone and score a touchdown. Then, you can chase any other players down and knock them out to take the trophy and win.

If you have fun playing, then you shouldn't miss out on the fascinating series that we have under the World Cup category.

How To Play

Collect yellow balls and avoid white balls. Try to collect random bonuses that can increase your speed, replenish lost lives, make you invulnerable, or slow enemy balls. Don't get fooled by transparen.

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