Gotta Score
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Gotta Score

Gotta Score

If you are in search of a basketball game that is both straightforward and challenging, look no further than Gotta Score! Demonstrate your abilities and intelligence in this game!

Attempt to accumulate the most points within the first minute of the contest. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate. Pull the ball toward the goal with the appropriate traction in order to hurl it into the net. While grasping the ball, select the up arrow key to execute a jump shot. When your opponent is vigilant, avoid making throws and observe their movements. The hurl's angle and intensity, as well as the appropriate timing, are the most critical factors in the game. Become a participant in the Gotta Score battle and master your abilities! Best of success!

How To Play

  • Left/Right = Move
  • Up = Jump
  • Mouse = Grab, Hold, & Throw Ball

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