Grapple Pig
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Grapple Pig

Grapple Pig

Put your survival skills to the test with Grapple Pig, an engaging adventure game that puts you in the role of a brave pig! With only 200 seconds, you will have to try your best to uncover as many treasure chests as possible! However, the only problem is that the dungeon is full of dangerous monsters that can threaten your survival at any time!

Grapple Pig features simple premises, but the gameplay itself can be quite challenging! Players begin by venturing around this place and reaching higher places with the grappling hook, which can be shot from any direction. Avoid the spikes and other monsters, and take down the latter by shooting them with the grappling hook. What is your highest score ever in Grapple Pig?

How To Play

  • Control the pig with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Throw the grappling hook with the left mouse button.

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