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Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip, a fun and challenging arcade game, lets you toss a sausage on the screen with a googly eye. Be sure to try and finish all the levels.

Sausage Flip requires you to propel the sausage in the air to reach the goal. You will have to put in a considerable amount of effort, despite the appearances. The sausage will never be finished, no matter how long it travels.

Drag your mouse or finger forward and release the pressure to fire the sausage. You'll find that it is not as simple as the video suggests. Be sure to survive the obstacles, which can be dangerous and unexpected. You will encounter rocket vehicles, squishy blobs, spinning contraptions, and much more. You can customize the look of your sausage by collecting skins or clothes. Sharing the game will let everyone know which hotdog is at the top!

How To Play

Drag your finger or mouse backwards to aim, and release to shoot.

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